Modern CICS Web Applications and Improved Service Management

we do the heavy lifting for you.


Software Upgrades

CICS is at the heart of your businesses critial systems. Are you concerned that your technical staff fear taking a leading role in planned upgrades to it?

We are highly experienced with Software upgrades and take your concern for risk seriously.

We are able to identify risk mitigation steps and can convey an understanding of the risks to stakeholders.

  • Project Planning, control & reporting
  • Risk identification & mitigation
  • Upgrading with no service loss if at all possible
  • Coaching & Leading teams of less experience staff
  • Software maintenance
  • Implementation Planning

Peformance Tuning

An application suffering performance issues can seriously damage the reputation of your business with its customers and in some cases regulators.

We can help you to identify the causes of performance issues, recommend resolution steps and carry out the changes for you if required.

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Bottleneck identification
  • Reporting findings and suggested fixes
  • Implementing performance tuning measures


Do you have an application that is suffering faulty behaviour or poor performance?

We can help you to identify the underlying causes and suggest remedies.

We can help you implement remedial changes.



We have specialist knowledge and experience with CICSplex SM.

We can help you implement or exploit CICSPlex SM



Do you need to exploit CICS but don't know how? - perhaps we can help.



Collectively, our Directors have well over 100 years experience working with CICS on System Z.

If you need some help to make sense of your CICS on z/OS systems, give us a call.

Company Leadership

Each of our Directors has multiple decades of experience in the IBM Mainframe field.

Stephen has over 30 years experience of the technology industry and has helped major companies in the UK, Europe and the Middle East to exploit, enhance and upgrade their core corporate technology systems.

Stephen has worked with the following companies in his career to date: British Steel Corporation; Bradford & Bingley Building Society; Royal Bank of Scotland; Shell; Deutsche Bank; Euroclear Bank; Riyad Bank; CZ; Barclays Bank; Accenture (DWP); Lloyds Banking Group; PKO Bank Polski; Tata Consultancy Services(TCS)

A founder of Matter of Fact Software, his responsibilities include business administration, marketing, strategic planning and commercialisation of the companies’ software products.

- Steve Mitchell
Managing Director - Matter of Fact Software Ltd

Ian has worked with the following companies in his career to date: Auckland Regional Council; Air New Zealand; National Australia Bank (on behalf of Centron Corp.); IBM New Zealand; IBM UK; Saudi Business Machines; Norwich Union; TNT; Royal Bank of Scotland Group (Nat West Bank & Ulster Bank Integration projects, Direct Line/Churchill Insurance).

Ian is the lead developer for our software solutuons. Building on his impressive mainframe skillset, Ian has also developed abilities in the front-end development arena.

- Ian Titford
CTO - Matter of Fact Software Ltd

Lawrie has more than 4 decades experience of supporting large companies and Organisations to optimise and operate their critical business systems. Lawrie is responsible for managing the company’s own IT resources and systems and also for the packaging, distribution and support of the companies’ software products.

Lawrie has worked with the following companies in his career to date: Philips; Citibank; UBS; Royal Bank of Scotland; Citicorp.; Prudential; Advance Bank; Bank of Scotland; IBM Israel; IBM UK; HBOS plc; Bradford & Bingley Building Society; Barclays Bank; GE Capital; R&V Versicherung; Nissan; DXC Technology.

- Lawrie Scott
CIO - Matter of Fact Software Ltd


Our Values

We are passionate about the IBM system z server (mainframe) and firmly believe that it is the best platform for business critical systems.

We believe that there is no substitute for technical expertise in a company dependent on software.

Our aim is to help mainframe users exploit their investment in this superior environment

Matter of Fact Software is operated in a debt-free manner.

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