Innovative Business Solutions for Your Enterprise

Discover reliable and innovative business solutions with Matter of Fact Software. Our flagship products PlexSpy and CICS Content Delivery Server (CICS CDS) provide powerful capabilities to enhance your operations and drive growth. Trust us to deliver software that is innovative, reliable, efficient, and designed to enhance your operations.

Visualise Your CICS Footprint

Unlock Your Business Potential

With PlexSpy, you can gain complete visibility into your CICS footprint, streamline support processes, and ensure compliance, all from a single web browser page. Save time, improve responsiveness, and enhance end-user satisfaction with PlexSpy.

Efficient Web Application Development Solution

Experience simplified web application development with Matter of Fact Software’s CICS CONTENT DELIVERY SERVER (CICS CDS). Build, edit, manage and serve applications efficiently, even without specific mainframe expertise.

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